2016 Charity Care Eligibility Guidelines

Illinois law requires most hospitals in the state to provide free and reduced cost emergency room care for the uninsured and underinsured. Anyone regardless of their immigration status can qualify for this care known as "Charity Care" or "Financial Assistance. A social security number is not required to qualify for Charity Care.  Learn more about Communities United's groundbreaking efforts in making Charity Care more accessible by clicking here! 

Do I Qualify for Free and Reduced Cost Emergency Room Care?

Charity Care is available in most Illinois Hospitals. In order to qualify for Charity Care, you much meet the income requirements based on your family size.  These two factors will determine what percentage of financial assistance you may qualify for. To qualify for 100% free care, your household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). If you make more money, you may still qualify for a significant discount.

See the chart below to determine how much of a discount you may qualify for. This amounts represent yearly income:

What If I Don't Know My Yearly Income?

Click this link to calculate what percentage of the FPL you fall under to determine the percent of discount you could qualify for. 

The amount of your discount is based on your Federal Poverty Level (FPL) percentage:

If you are in the 200% or less of the FPL, you qualify for a full discount

If you are between 201%-300%, you qualify for a 90% discount

If you are between 301%-400%, you qualify for an 80% discount

If you are between 401%-600% you qualify for a 75% discount.

If your income is more than 600% of FPL, you may still receive a discount. You should discuss your financial assistance options with a financial counselor at the hospital where you received care.

Who Do I Call if I Need Help?

If you would like more information about Charity Care, or if you need help determining if you qualify, please contact Fash Khan at 773-583-1387 ext.204