Our Approach

For too long public resources have been invested in ways that continue to cause harm and continue cycles of trauma in our communities. Through our approach to civic engagement and leadership development of youth adults, through our Healing Through Justice model, we engage in building a broader consciousness of what healing can look like through taking an active role in changing the very systems that have inflicted harm. 

Healing Through Justice supports the natural process of human healing as we work to build community and advance change. The building blocks of Healing Through Justice are rooted in these three actions we can take individually and together as a community: 

(1) The Recognition of My Resilience-Empowering Myself: I am who I say I am 

(2) Heroic Living-I am a Weaver of Empathy, Knowledge, & Action 

(3) Building Justice-Centered Heroic Communities through Action

If you would like to learn more about how to become a community facilitator through Healing Through Justice, please contact, Jessica Estrada at [email protected].


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