Community Leaders Advance Key Changes to Make COVID-19 Rental Assistance Programs more Accessible to Black and Brown Communities

ROOTS leaders have led coalition efforts to address barriers that many renters faced accessing the state’s rental assistance program last fall. For example, Flor Hernandez, a community member in Albany Park, was unable to complete her rental assistance application as her landlord was uncooperative in completing a key section of the application. Through the engagement of renters like Flor, CU ROOTS leaders were able to uplift the challenges renters faced, and through collaborative efforts we have secured significant changes for the next roll out of the rental and mortgage assistance program. 

The changes to the upcoming state rental assistance program include:

  • No written lease requirement

  • A pathway for tenants with uncooperative landlords to be able to apply 

  • increased marketing and outreach for small landlords

These changes will provide the opportunity to many families who are at risk of eviction and provide much needed financial assistance to stay in their homes.

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