Healing Through Justice During COVID-19

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As a survivor-led organization working to advance racial justice and equity, our work remains as important as ever during this pandemic. We remain committed to continue to engage impacted families and individuals, virtually connecting communities to heal and build collective solutions, centering the experiences of impacted families as part of the solutions, and advance a justice-centered agenda during and post this pandemic. 

Since March, CU leaders have organized several healing through justice virtual meetings, engaging thousands of families. including students, survivors of violence, formerly and currently incarcerated individuals, immigrant families, local, state, and federal officials on the pressing needs to address immediate housing and health needs, building a shared platform of solutions that cuts across race, community, and age.   

CU leaders are calling on local, state, and federal officials to take action to:  

  • Provide immediate rent and mortgage relief for everyone regardless of immigration status or background through emergency funding and appropriate additional funding towards housing in federal relief legislation. 

  • Provide affordable and accessible housing for people returning from jail or prison.

  • Supporting mental wellness by making access to mental health professionals more accessible and free for all in need.

  • Crafting a thoughtful plan to address trauma post-COVID 19 that involves the voices and leadership of youth and families who have faced the greatest disparities. Youth and families need to be involved in the decision making process of how we will come out of this crisis.

TAKE ACTION NOW:  Call your state and federal representatives and ask them to support this platform.  

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