Immigrant Rights

CU leaders have partnered across communities to develop a Unity Platform that is rooted in all of our core values, and have advanced policies that promote the rights of immigrant families through a racial equity lens. These efforts have resulted in reinforcing sanctuary city ordinances at city, county, and state levels and the expansion of city IDs to provide vulnerable communities, including undocumented families, access to critical city resources.

CU leaders are constantly engaging immigrant families in immigrant “Know Your Rights” trainings, developing strategies to form response teams across neighborhood institutions, and building new Black and Brown alliances to advance racial equity across the city and state. Through this framework, we have worked with allies to make Illinois the most welcoming state to immigrant families.

  • Through coalition efforts, successfully advanced sweeping state legislation to end immigration detention centers in Illinois.

  • Worked with allies to secure over $90 million for COVID-19 relief funds for undocumented and mixed-status families.

  • Over 3,000 immigrant families have been engaged in CU’s “Know Your Rights” trainings across immigrant communities in Chicago’s north and northwest sides. 

  • Through statwide efforts, Illinois is among 12 states that provide driver’s licenses to undocumented individuals as a result of community organizing efforts.

For more information on our work on immigrant rights, or if you would like to get involved, please contact Juan Cruz at [email protected].


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