Justice Reivenstment

Right On Justice 

Communities United is excited to partner with the Adler Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at the Adler School of Professional Psychology (IPSSJ) in moving forward to chart a collective path towards advancing restorative justice and dismantling the punitive systems that result in the criminalization of the communities of color.

Launched on June 4th, 2014, Restore, Empower, Advance, Love Justice (Right On Justice), the goal is to identify and dismantle punitive policies at the school and community level and advance restorative justice alternatives to school push out and criminalization of communities of color, reforming the justice system, and building capacity for restorative justice solutions. 

Right On Justice seeks to:

·Advance change in metropolitan Chicago schools, communities, and justice systems that will reduce crime, its human and economic costs, and the disproportionate representation of youth of color in Illinois’ justice system.

·Align support for metropolitan Chicago communities, schools, governments, and restorative justice organizers, practitioners, and advocates working together as a coalition to change policies and replace state and school punishment with trauma-informed restorative justice practices.

·Build strong evidence for shifting local, state and national policies and resources away from costly punitive justice approaches to effective restorative and preventative policies and practice.

Restorative justice, built upon principals of community accountability, inclusion, and responsibility, is an approach to addressing offenses and harm in a way that repairs relationships, restores communities, and reintegrates young people in to their  community. Restorative practices such as peace circles, peer conferencing, and victim-offender mediation hold great promise as they support young people in communities and minimize youth and young adults contact with the criminal justice system. 

We are excited to begin moving forward and convening as many stakeholders in the Chicago area to help drive this project and ensure that the voices of organizers, practitioners, youth, community members, and families are represented as we collectively seek real justice system transformation away from punitive approaches toward restorative alternatives. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Jenny Arwade, Executive Director of Communities United at [email protected]communitiesunited.org


Elena Quintana, Director of IPSSJ at [email protected]


Evelin Rodriguez, Right On Justice Coordinator at [email protected]communitiesunited.org