Chicago Sun-Times | Adam Toledo Shooting Reinforces CPS Students’ Views On School Police

For many teens, processing Adam’s killing has included being there for friends. Thomas consoled a classmate who cried after authorities released body camera footage of the shooting last week.

Nathaniel Martinez, a sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Albany Park, said, “the cops are the ones who are holding the gun. They have the power to choose what will happen, what won’t happen.

“And what they chose for Adam was death. And when I saw that, when I realized that, it just made me scared.”

Nathaniel said “the fact that cops are willing to kill people younger than me brings out that fear in police officers for me.

“But at the end of the day … am I scared of cops? Yes. Am I scared what one of them will do to me if one of them ends up having a bad day and they just want to do something crazy? Yes, I always am. … But right now we’re trying our best to make a difference.”

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