Affordable Housing


  • Prevented vacant properties and renter displacement following the convening of a citywide housing coalition that won a policy change in Chicago known as the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance (KCRO) in 2013. The KCRO requires owners that take possession of rental buildings following foreclosure to either 1) renew a renter's lease or 2) provide $10,600 in relocation assistance if the owner chooses to displace renters
  • Won a commitment from Wells Fargo to automatically offer leases to any renter living in a foreclosed apartment building in Chicago in 2014
  • Successfully preserved over seven foreclosed and Fannie Mae owned buildings as long-term affordable rental housing through the creation of an Affordable Housing Reserve in 2015.
  • Won affordable housing set-asides for the 33rd Ward leading up to a citywide victory of 10% affordable housing set-asides for the city of Chicago
  • Won a temporary moratorium on foreclosure evictions in Cook County and a new requirement that banks have to provide affidavits that they have informed tenants of rights before tenants can be evicted
  • Worked with other groups to increase the amount of TIF resources that go toward affordable housing
  • Won a statewide policy change increasing renters' rights in case of foreclosure, ensuring that leases are honored despite foreclosure and that tenants without leases receive 90 days notice from banks

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