The “Curie Way”: Putting Care At The Center Of Our Schools- 2021 VOYCE & Communities United

"Big Dollars Little Sense, The Real Facts Behind Mayor Emanuel's Charter Expansion Plan To Relieve Overcrowding" 2013 CUQE & C.S.O.S.O.S Report

"Failed Policies, Broken Futures: The True Cost of Zero Tolerance in Chicago" 2011 Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) Report

"Student-Led Solutions to the Nation's Dropout Crisis" 2011 Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) Report

Affordable Housing

"Keep Chicago Affordable" & "Cost Analysis Methodology"-2019 Communities United

"Local Housing Strategies in Action: ROOTS" -2017 Metropolitan Planning Council

Video: "ROOTS -- A Model to Keep Families in Their Homes and Community"- 2017 Communities United

Video: "CMHDC Receives Affordable Rental Housing Preservation Award"- 2017 Communities United

"ROOTS: A Preservation Model For Communities and Schools In Gentrifying Areas"- 2016 Communities United

"Mayor Emanuel's Tax Hike Could Decimate Affordable Rental Housing on Northwest Side"- Communities United 

"Potential Fines Collected Under the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Properties Ordinance" 2014 Analysis Conducted by the Keep Chicago Renting Coalition

"Banks Avoid Foreclosure Laws, Uproot Renters: A Call for Enforcement of Tenant Protections," 2011 Lawyers Committee for Better Housing Report


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Protect PPHF Now:​

New Resource Page for Chicago Families, visit

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Justice Reinvestment

"Teachers Guide To: Building A Restorative Classroom" Safe Schools Consortium

"$3.4 Trillion Mistake" 2016 Co-authored by Communities United 

"Infographic: $3.4 Trillion Mistake" 2016 Communities United

"Illinois' $83 Billion Mistake" 2016 Communities United

Youth Investment

"Our Lives on the Line: Youth-Led Solutions to Violence in Chicago Neighborhoods," 2011 LIFE (Leaders Investing for Equality) Report