TVDL workshop hosted by APNC leaders leads to hundreds of immigrants getting their driver licenses!

On November 09, 2013, Albany Park Neighborhood Council hosted a workshop at Our Lady of Mercy Church to familiarize and prepare the immigrant residents of all the requirements in order to apply for the Temporary Visitor’s Driver Licenses. Over 600 Albany Park and surrounding neighborhood residents attended the workshop.

Daniel Hernandez, a long time Albany Park resident and one of the attendees at the workshop received his Illinois driver's license last month in February. He had been driving without a license for almost 17 years, and can recall the fear of being pulled over by the police while going to work. After receiving information on how to apply for the driver license through the workshop, he made the appointment in December. Last month, he applied for his license and few days later he received his driver's license in the mail. He said the first thing he felt after seeing his driver’s license was pure excitement. He said, “Now I feel safer taking my children to school, going to work, and running errands.” The fear he use to feel when he would see a police car while driving is no longer there, and the knowledge that he and his family are safer while driving on the roads of Illinois is stronger.   

Since, the state of Illinois started giving out the "Temporary Visitor Driver's License" to the undocumented residents, there have been about 8,500 TVDLs have been issued. The demand for TVDL has exceeded expectations; the Secretory of State office is receiving almost 10,000 requests for appointments to apply for Temporary Visitor Driver's License.

Appointments can be made ​​through the website of the Secretary of State at, or by calling (855) 212-2687 on Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:00 pm. (There are only 800 appointments available each day, please call early in the morning to make an appointments).